choosing the best paper

choosing the best paper

The “aha” moment that really changed everything
I know about Art is the knowledge of
choosing the best paper
for my color technique!

For example:
when coloring with colored pencils
it is best to select a medium toothy paper.
this will allow you to lay your colors
in layers and will give your work
depth and truly gorgeous results.

Often people are not aware of the
importance of selecting the right paper.
They are not using the
correct paper for their chosen technique
and get very poor results
at the end of very hard work.
I was not aware either,
until my Art Master tough me that secret.

Another tip:
If you color on tan or gray paper
your coloring will pop up
and show your highlighting better.



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  1. Kim says:

    Is there a paper you can suggest. I am currently using a card stock that is pretty smooth. I get good results but I feel the richness of the pigments could be represented better on different paper. I do have toned tan and grey medium tooth but they are not always good choices depending on my desired outcome.

    • SCHPIRERR says:

      Hi Kim,

      I can recommend on the one I’m using the most.
      Canson 1557.
      It is 180gr/m2, white bright, heavyweight cartridge paper.

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