Choose an Illustration theme you like

Choose an Illustration theme you like

That will inspire you to color and will lift your spirits.
It is known that people tend to gravitate to
certain subject, shapes and colors.
You will enjoy coloring much more if you
color something you like.
It can be any thing you want:
Flowers, Birds, faces, landscape, cats etc.

Chiara Bautista:
A fantasy drawing

Art by Kyonghwan Kim



7 Responses so far.

  1. Jennifer Windberg says:

    Just received the 72 colored pencil set and absolutely love them. They are everything and then some as advertised. so excited to get started.
    I like them better than my Faber-Castell polychromes. Thought I’d never say that publicly. Thanks again for such a great product at an affordable price. Jennifer Windberg

    • SCHPIRERR says:

      Thank you for sharing that Jennifer.
      I’m so excited!

      • Hanne Marie Lorenzen says:

        I live in Denmark, and can’t find your colored pencils for sale. Where are they available? I prefure to try the consisten of the pencils before investing in a hole set. Where would that be possible? I to have F C polychromers and was surprised have hard they feel when coloring.

        • SCHPIRERR says:

          Hi Hanne,
          At this point in time, our pencils are available on Amazon.US and can be purchased at full set only.
          We are working to expand and have open stock which may take a few months.
          Amazon is shipping internationally to certain locations.
          Please check while entering your address.
          Here is the link:

          All the best.

  2. Kim Schwind says:

    I received my pencils today, amazingly fast fulfillment. I’ve already switched them and have started to build gradient collections. They have a beautiful buttery consistency and are blendable just by themselves. I’m planning to try various mediums including OMS, glycerine and colorless blending pencils. These are my first oil based pencils – so far I’m really impressed. I’m hoping you’ll release more colors, need more natural colors, lighter blues, more browns and lots of grays. I noticed there is no #11, 44, 45, 48. 49, 50, and 79 and up.

    • SCHPIRERR says:

      Hi Kim,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, these are blank spaces.
      Hopefully, we can come with more colors in the future.

  3. Cindy says:

    Hi I am in heaven!! These pencils are amazing. I received my new SFs today, and I am working on my color chart. I have gone thru many sets of colored pencils and all, including Prismacolor, have been found lacking. I have used PC for many years but they don’t compare!! I will update again as I have more to say. Thank you, Thank you

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